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UPDATE: Website is back! Business is still on hiatus!

Well hello there! We’re about halfway through the hiatus of Lindsay Taryn Photography, so I wanted to update you all on things:

First –

You may have noticed that this website was down for about two weeks in April. I was in the Thai islands without wifi and my home computer during this time so I couldn’t do anything about it until I returned to civilization (i.e. Bangkok). Turns out, my webhost somehow LOST all of my website content in their databases during a migration. Thankfully I have this website auto-backed up weekly, so they were able to restore most of it (minus the portfolio – I have that backed up on my home computer, so that will have to remain missing until I return home in July. I also had several blog posts drafted up, to be posted in the coming months while I’m away – but unfortunately those are lost forever, so there won’t be any wedding-related posts until I’m back home.)

Lesson learned (or reinforced): BACK EVERYTHING UP. You just never know what’ll happen!

Second –

I never formally announced my hiatus, except for a note on the contact page, but here it is: I am out of the country from February through June of this year, and thus unable to take on any photography jobs until July. I’m currently midway through a 5-month epic backpacking trip through Asia and already it’s been an incredible experience. I’m so happy on the road.

There will definitely be some life changes happening once I get back to NYC – perhaps some that affect this business. I’m taking this time to explore new places AND myself. I’m not sure what’s next for me, but I promise I will keep you updated! One thing’s certain: I won’t stop taking pictures!

(Though my camera is currently in the shop for repairs, so I guess that’s the one thing that would stop me. I feel so lost without it!)

You can follow along with my journey through Asia via Frugal Frolicker – my new travel blog.

Here I am in the 3 countries I’ve visited so far: Nepal, India, and Thailand –

brooklyn wedding photographer

Thanks for your patience! :)

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