Portrait Photography | ENCORE Senior Center | NYC

This batch of photos is the last in a series I did for a prominent NYC nonprofit organization. I visited soup kitchens and a senior center and photographed clients utlilizing services there. My photos are going to be published in the organization’s annual report, which I am eagerly waiting to see! I’ll be sure to post photos of the report once I have it in my hands :)

As I mentioned before, I really enjoyed these assignments because they were different from my usual wedding and event photography, yet still allowed me to practice photojournalism and capture the essence of people. I’d love to do more of this sort of work! This particular shoot at the ENCORE senior center was especially enjoyable because all the folks were so nice and funny. Lots of jokesters at the senior center, that’s for sure!

Don’t worry, we’ll be back to our regular scheduled programming soon! I know I’ve been posting a seemingly random array of photos lately, but the month of June is stock full of weddings, events, and engagement shoots for me. I’m excited to officially kick off this wedding season!

brooklyn wedding photographer

brooklyn wedding photographer

brooklyn photographer

brooklyn wedding photographer

brooklyn wedding photographer

nyc wedding photographers

nyc wedding photographers

Top of the Rock & the Brooklyn Bridge at night

As is most likely gleaned from previous blog posts and pictures taken, I am a sucker for all things NYC. I love immersing myself in this city and sharing my excitement for it with other people. So when Isaac Lane Koval came into town and invited me to check out the Top of the Rock with him, I instantly agreed. It was my first time meeting him in person, but I’m a big fan of his and have been following him online for the past year+. I consider him to be one of my photographic inspirations, as he’s so insanely talented. So it was great to finally meet him. I always love seeing how other photographers work in the field – I think it adds more meaning to their work when I see it because now I know a bit about how it came to form.

Despite the fact that it was my 5th time on Top of the Rock (well, technically 4th; 1 of these trips was actually up the Empire State Building), I had a blast up there. I don’t care how cliche it is, I just can never get sick of the fantastic views of the NYC skyline. It’s gorgeous, and I don’t take it for granted. It was also freakin’ FREEZING up there, especially after sunset. We were literally there for about 2.5 hours and saw the city bathed in late afternoon light, followed by sunset and dusk. Being my zillionth visit, I took the liberty of introducing my 70-200mm lens to the view for the first time. Unfortunately I forgot the big lens needed a tripod collar, so my low-light shots were done semi-handheld (drats!). What I did was I rested my camera on my wrist (which was lying flat on the ledge), and tilted the lens downward toward the city, and tried to hold still. All things considered, I did a pretty decent job with it.

nyc wedding photographers

TOTR | brooklyn wedding photographers

TOTR | nyc photographers

Once we were too cold to function up there anymore, we went back down and got some dinner. I’m not sure how it’s possible that Isaac had never experienced proper NYC pizza when he lived here in ’08, but I felt like I had to remedy this by taking him to Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn. I’ve only been there twice myself, but that’s mostly because it’s always so crowded there. But this time it was the strangest thing – we got seated instantly, at probably the best table there – AND, our pizza was served in no time at all! Crazy! We pretty much devoured the pizza and thawed out before going back outside to photograph the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges after dark. Again, it’s a view I’ve photographed the heck out of for the past two years, but I’m still in love with it. There’s just something magical about it…

I love to frolic :) | nyc wedding

BK bridge | nyc wedding photographers

Manhattan Bridge by night | nyc photographers

Portrait Photography | Unlock Magazine shoot

I’m more a fan of candid and event photography, but I did a photoshoot for Unlock Magazine in hopes of stepping a bit out of my comfort zone. On a sweltering hot day, I took a rapper and his posse to the corner of 9th and 38th to take some shots (yes, I’m aware of how ridiculous that sounds!). I hated being limited to Midtown Manhattan with the harsh mid-day light, but at least this corner had grungey fencing and a graffitied wall to work with. I took what seemed like a thousand shots of the rapper with various posse members and models. There were costume changes galore, even a makeup artist on hand. It was all very new to me, but I wasn’t fazed by it. It was a LOT of waiting around, which I wasn’t used to but I guess doesn’t surprise me. And they were all very good with posing, so I didn’t have to give much direction.

My photos should be appearing in an issue at the end of September. Yay!

nyc wedding   nyc photographers

nyc wedding photographers

nyc wedding

nyc photographers

nyc wedding photographers

All photos taken with the 5d2 & 85/1.8.

Top of the Rock & tilt-shift adventures

I made my [unofficial] annual trip to the Top of the Rock observation deck at Rockefeller Center tonight. Jono let me borrow his rented tilt shift lens, which I had no idea what to do with but had a whole lot of fun playing with! Overall I was less than thrilled with the shots I got this time, which I’ll blame on the subpar lighting and windy conditions when we were up there. But one thing’s for sure – I’ll never get tired of seeing NYC lit up at night. It’s gorgeous, and it makes me feel alive. Of course the fact that I had just completed my last day of work at my old job may have contributed to this feeling of liberation as well, but I’ll take it either way :)

Rockefeller Center | nyc wedding photographers

Looking toward Queens | nyc wedding

Downtown Manhattan | nyc photographers

Central Park | nyc wedding photographers

All shot with the 5d2 & 90/2.8 TS-E or other lenses (I used like 5 others!).

Tartan Day Parade

I stumbled upon this Scottish celebration while walking through Midtown from the UWS. Men in skirts? Check! bagpipes and drums? Check! Terriers on leashes? Check!

Tartan Day Parade

Tartan Day Parade

Tartan Day ParadeGordon Highlanders drummer

Bullwood Project

Tartan Day Parade

Terrier March!Tartan Day Parade

All shot with the 5d2 & 135L.

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