Springtime in Dumbo, Central Park, and the Upper East Side

Last weekend was the first spring-like weekend of the year, so in true Lindsay fashion it was spent primarily outdoors. On Saturday, I oh-so-stupidly biked about 10 miles around Brooklyn after my morning ‘total body conditioning’ class. The whole point of the class is to overload your muscles so you can’t even complete the reps, basically breaking them down and making them hurt. You’re not supposed to lift weights for the following two days as the muscles are repairing themselves (and in theory, getting stronger). But I figured some cardio work would be ok afterwards. As I often do, I overestimated my comfort level for all this physical activity and arrived home absolutely exhausted that evening. And sore – oh so sore. My poor legs!

The next day I was sore all over, which I thought was strange since I’d only really overworked my legs the day before. But it was so nice out that I couldn’t resist a frolic through Central Park. The whole time I felt like I was forcing myself to wander around while my back ached and all I really wanted to do was lay down. But I NEVER want to lay down! I never want to sit and relax – I’m the girl who always has to keep busy. And honest to god, I’ve never had a single problem with my back (which I am SO so thankful for), so this was all pretty weird.

And then I spent the next 3 days bed-ridden and unable to function. I don’t know what happened, but I went through a whole gamut of non cold-like symptoms in a span of about 24 hours. The kind that really knock you down and prevent you from doing ANYTHING, really. And for someone like me, that is pure torture. Not only was I unable to lift my head for 3 days, but I also missed *2* live tv show tapings and 3 glorious sunny 60-degree days. If that’s not FML-worthy, I don’t know what is!

But anyway, at least I was able to enjoy the weekend before my body decided to take the next 3 days off from life. On Saturday I did some shooting around my favorite wedding venue (Bubby’s), and on Sunday I snapped some shots around Central Park and the Upper East Side:

Pre-wedding | nyc wedding photographers

Pre-wedding | brooklyn photographer

Table settings  | nyc wedding photographers

Table settings | brooklyn wedding photographer

Pre-wedding | brooklyn photographer

brooklyn wedding photographer

brooklyn photographer

Chinese New Year

It may be late February, but today felt like the start of spring. Bright, sunny, melting snow, and not so terribly cold that I could actually get away with not wearing my winter jacket for the first time in 2+ months. Amazing! I took advantage of the lovely weather by biking into the city to check out the parade for Chinese New Year. I had made the decision NOT to be there for the start of it because being stuck in massive crowds and waiting around is essentially my idea of hell. Instead I just wandered around Chinatown in the aftermath, catching parts of the tail-end of the parade as it made its way through town, but mostly just people watching. And by people watching, I mostly mean watching little kids throw down poppers that make a loud cracking noise. I especially love all the color at these festivals… it made me go a little camera crazy!

Vendor on Grand St | nyc wedding photographers

Chinese New Year | brooklyn wedding photographers

Chinese New Year parade | nyc wedding photographers

I spotted a little modeling going on in one of the side streets as the parade was passing by in the background. The whole scene looked like this:

Chinese New Year parade | brooklyn wedding photographers

Chinese New Year | nyc photographers

Top of the Rock & the Brooklyn Bridge at night

As is most likely gleaned from previous blog posts and pictures taken, I am a sucker for all things NYC. I love immersing myself in this city and sharing my excitement for it with other people. So when Isaac Lane Koval came into town and invited me to check out the Top of the Rock with him, I instantly agreed. It was my first time meeting him in person, but I’m a big fan of his and have been following him online for the past year+. I consider him to be one of my photographic inspirations, as he’s so insanely talented. So it was great to finally meet him. I always love seeing how other photographers work in the field – I think it adds more meaning to their work when I see it because now I know a bit about how it came to form.

Despite the fact that it was my 5th time on Top of the Rock (well, technically 4th; 1 of these trips was actually up the Empire State Building), I had a blast up there. I don’t care how cliche it is, I just can never get sick of the fantastic views of the NYC skyline. It’s gorgeous, and I don’t take it for granted. It was also freakin’ FREEZING up there, especially after sunset. We were literally there for about 2.5 hours and saw the city bathed in late afternoon light, followed by sunset and dusk. Being my zillionth visit, I took the liberty of introducing my 70-200mm lens to the view for the first time. Unfortunately I forgot the big lens needed a tripod collar, so my low-light shots were done semi-handheld (drats!). What I did was I rested my camera on my wrist (which was lying flat on the ledge), and tilted the lens downward toward the city, and tried to hold still. All things considered, I did a pretty decent job with it.

nyc wedding photographers

TOTR | brooklyn wedding photographers

TOTR | nyc photographers

Once we were too cold to function up there anymore, we went back down and got some dinner. I’m not sure how it’s possible that Isaac had never experienced proper NYC pizza when he lived here in ’08, but I felt like I had to remedy this by taking him to Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn. I’ve only been there twice myself, but that’s mostly because it’s always so crowded there. But this time it was the strangest thing – we got seated instantly, at probably the best table there – AND, our pizza was served in no time at all! Crazy! We pretty much devoured the pizza and thawed out before going back outside to photograph the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges after dark. Again, it’s a view I’ve photographed the heck out of for the past two years, but I’m still in love with it. There’s just something magical about it…

I love to frolic :) | nyc wedding

BK bridge | nyc wedding photographers

Manhattan Bridge by night | nyc photographers

The day I walked all the way home from Wall Street

Doing absurd amounts of walking for no apparent reason is something not uncommon for me. Case in point: The Great Saunter of 2009, aka a 32-mile walk around the entire perimeter of Manhattan, which I willingly participated in, just for kicks. For me, walking is win-win: not only do I get to frolic around unfamiliar grounds, but it’s also great exercise. Exploring + being healthy? Hollerrrrrrrr!

No, but really – I do walk a lot. Sometimes I’ll set out, not planning on going anywhere in particular, and before I know it I’m either at a bridge or on the other side of town, totally unplanned. Much like today, where I met someone near Wall Street (downtown Manhattan) and wandered uptown, through the Financial District, Chinatown, and the Lower East Side. Once I found myself nearing the Williamsburg Bridge, I knew I was going to keep walking and cross it to Brooklyn. And then by that point, I’m only about a half hour’s walk from my apartment in Greenpoint so I figured I might as well just walk all the way home. Whoops!

For this particular excursion, I had a 3lb lens around my neck (the 70-200mm). I had a goal of trying to ‘expose to the right‘ (of the histogram) in all my shots, which I’ve heard actually captures more color data in the image despite the overexposure. You can make adjustments in Lightroom afterwards to bring the image back to proper exposure. I’m really pleased with the results. I used to have a tendency to underexpose my shots and for awhile this was sort of my trademark; however, I feel like everything about my photography has evolved over the past 6 months as I’ve learned more about my craft. These days, I’m less about dark, contrasty, HDR images and more interested in letting the light enhance my shots.

Canal Street | nyc wedding photographers

Street vendor | nyc photographers

Maaaaaaaanhattan | nyc wedding

Dangling over the bridge | wedding photographer new york
I was walking across the bridge, spacing out, rocking out to the ipod, etc etc… and then out of nowhere, this guy jumps onto the railing and starts hanging out there. He didn’t look very comfortable!

Welcome to Williamsburg | nyc wedding photographers

A jaunt through Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Though I’ve only lived in Greenpoint for a month, I’ve been familiar with it ever since I moved to Brooklyn two years ago. It’s pretty much synonymous with being a Polish neighborhood, though being on the fringe of Williamsburg it also has its fair share of hipsters and young people. Its establishments are equally diverse. Today, I ventured to the other side of the ‘hood to Franklin Ave and perused a few of the shops. Mostly, I just walked/biked around because it was too nice of a winter day (blue skies!) not to be outside. That’s all it usually takes to make me happy – what can I say, it’s the little things in life :)

Wine store | nyc wedding

Fence | nyc photographers

Junk shop | nyc wedding photographers

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