Featured | New York Daily News | NY Jets at the Turkey Drive

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my photos of some Jets players helping out at the turkey drive had made it onto the Jets’ official web site. Pretty cool, right?

Well shortly after, I found out that one of my photos had been printed in an issue of the New York Daily News! So naturally, I had to get my hands on a copy of it. I didn’t find out about it until the day after though, so I had to run around checking every newsstand and deli within an 8-block radius from my office. It turned into a wild goose chase with the unfortunate end result of nobody having any copies leftover from the previous day. I suppose I could have ordered a copy from the Daily News, but I reeeeeeally didn’t want to have to wait for it.

Then, completely by chance and in true NYC fashion, I stumbled across a massive pile of tied-up newspapers outside of an apartment complex, set on the curb for recycling. They were all in great condition, so I poked through and was able to find my issue! :D

This is a quick Macbook photobooth shot of me holding up the paper:

And here’s the photo that made the paper:

I’m pretty psyched!

Featured | | New York Jets volunteering at the Turkey Drive

brooklyn wedding photographers

Earlier this week, I photographed two players from the New York Jets volunteering at the Community Kitchen and Food Pantry of West Harlem. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who knows less about football than I do. I’ve even made a habit of referring to the championship game as the ‘Stuperbowl’ and avoiding it like the plague – and unfortunately it always seems to fall right around my birthday.

But according to my fanatical Jets fan cousin, Jason Taylor is kind of a big deal. Apparently he’s a superstar athlete and was once on Dancing With The Stars (ah, now you’re speaking my language!). He and teammate Bart Scott served breakfast at the soup kitchen, then helped unload a truck full of turkeys for Thanksgiving. They were nothing but friendly and seemed to genuinely enjoy helping out, which was so great to see. Seeing the super-fortunate helping out the much less-fortunate makes me happy.

Some of my photos made it onto the Jets’ website – check it out! :D

Featured | Star Magazine | Mischa Barton at POP Beauty event

Thanks to Jono, I scored a photo gig shooting an event for POP Beauty at What Goes Around Comes Around in Soho. I’d actually been to this store before (it has cute but pricey clothes), but didn’t realize it beforehand. I showed up expecting to photograph people getting their makeup done (since it was an event to promote a new fake lash collection), plus the standard product and brand shots. Little did I know that there would be models and body painting on stage as well.

Then I was told that Mischa Barton was there getting her makeup done, and that I wasn’t to photograph her until she was finished. What?! It was funny because people didn’t seem to realize she was there. I continued to shoot the event and others getting their lashes applied until I got the green light from her publicist to take her picture. I didn’t want to bother her too much, so I only took a couple. Now, for the record, I feel like I can address two of the major rumors circling about her, since I met her and observed her over the course of the evening:
1. She is in no way fat! Granted she is not as grossly skinny as she was while on The OC, but she looks fine and more ‘normal’ now.
2. She does like to drink; ergo, I can’t dispel the alcoholic rumor, since she had a drink in hand the entire time she was in the makeup chair.

Then later on, she disappeared into the store to try on clothes. No one seemed to be bothering her, and I stayed away until her publicist came to get me. So I walk over to her with my camera and she’s trying on this black dress, and she goes ‘do you wanna take my picture?’, in a very matter-of-fact manner. I didn’t have a flash bracket, nor enough time to alter my flash for a vertical shot, so I took it horizontally. Now that I look at it, it’s kind of funny to see her upper body next to a bunch of boots. It was also amusing to see her pose, clearly correcting her posture and sucking in her cheeks. Oh celebrities!

As for the event itself? It was pretty cool. I had to schmooze with a bunch of girls in makeup chairs and ask them for their names if I took their picture. The models were more than willing to pose for me and ham it up for the camera. And I ended up with some free swag at the end (though I don’t think I can ever see myself wearing fake lashes!).

I alternated between the wide angle lens and the 50/1.4 prime during the course of the night. I was mostly really close to people, so the wide angle was useful. The 35L would have been PERFECT for the event, buuuuuut I made do just fine without it.

ALSO – my photo of Mischa made it onto Star Magazine‘s website! :)

Mischa Barton | nyc photographers

Mischa Barton | nyc wedding

Published on Star Magazine's website | nyc wedding photographers

Taylor Momsen on the set of Gossip Girl

Somehow Taylor Momsen was just as I imagined her to be, as I watched her rehearsing a scene on the streets of the Upper East Side. Just her playful yet professional demeanor, I don’t know…it just didn’t surprise me. And Connor Paolo was there as well (honestly I didn’t know his real name, I had to look it up – oops!). Taylor was walking down the street holding a few designer bags behind her back, adorned with bows, and gave them to her girlfriends, who naturally attacked her with shrieks and hugs afterwards. Why do I enjoy this show so much? I have no idea. But I do.

Taylor Momsen | nyc wedding   Connor Paolo | nyc wedding photographers

The Today Show halloween special

For my first month working for Splash News, I had only done paparazzi work (i.e. shooting on set). But then they had me show up to Rockefeller Center at the crack of dawn two days in a row to shoot the Today Show halloween special. On the first day, I was one of about 15 paparazzi on set. Most of them seemed to be familiar with the setup and had started a numbered list with their names on it. We were called out by number to enter the press pit, which was a small section of risers on the side. Of course I was near the end of the list, so I ended up on the top riser, furthest away from the stage area. My view was obstructed by paparazzi heads and videocameras – not good, not good at all. But thank god for the 5d2’s live view – I was able to hold the camera above my head and get decent shots. The Today Show anchors were dressed as Star Wars characters and played a round of ‘Jedi Jeopardy’. I won’t get into my opinion of Star Wars (*cough*inserteyerollhere*cough*), but they did a cool job with the theme on set.

ALSO — you can see my on the show! Check out this clip from MSNBC and starting at 2:33 you can see me in the navy blue hoodie with yellow lettering!

On halloween morning it was drizzling and substantially less people (and paparazzi) were around for the show. The ‘surprise celebrity’ turned out to be Nick Cannon, who was hosting a mock segment of ‘America’s Got Talent’, with Lester Holt dressed as Susan Boyle – pretty hilarious. Amy Roebuck played Simon Cowell. We actually had a good view of the set this time, and the anchors took time to pose for the paps.

Halloween on the Today Show | nyc photographers

Halloween on the Today Show | nyc wedding

Halloween on the Today Show | nyc wedding photographers

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