About Lindsay

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Lindsay is a 20-something originally from the state of Connecticut, and currently residing in NYC. She studied Information Science at the illustrious Cornell University and spent one glorious year ‘studying’ abroad in Australia. Upon graduating in 2007, she inexplicably took an IT job at an investment bank and, consequently, found herself in the midst of a quarter-life crisis.

After two years of squeezing into a metaphorical shoe five sizes too small, Lindsay quit her job to pursue things she actually gives a damn about – namely photography. Since then, she has photographed numerous celebrities, politicians, and models; shot at fashion week and other runway shows; and covered various performances, openings, and celebrations. After finding her niche in wedding photography, she realized that she’d never truly be happy unless she devoted her life to doing what she loves. With that in mind, Lindsay Taryn Photography was founded in late 2009.

When not working for the man or looking through a lens, Lindsay can be found frolicking around NYC and the rest of the world, traveling whenever time/money permits (check out her travel blog!). She has a slight obsession with documenting her life experiences with photos and words via an ever-growing number of social media platforms. She is shamelessly fascinated by pop culture and all things internetty, likes to bike and sing, and drinks an exorbitant amount of coffee (but not solely for the caffeine!).

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Lindsay also doesn’t usually talk in the 3rd person, but is really attached to this particular piece of writing… which happens to have been written that way :)

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